Review Types - Standard, Quick Opinions & Quick Twitter Opinions

I don't review every book I read.  
I review the ones (unless asked to specifically review) that invoke a strong emotional reaction. Most of the time this is a positive one hence the number of good reviews but sometimes it's a not so stellar/negative one.  Some books get long reviews some get Quick Opinions and some get a Quick Twitter Opinion - what motivates the type?  

A number of factors: 
1) Review request (long reviews) 
2) Time frame 
3) Overall mood 
4) What I want to say.

Very important note: 
These reviews are my thoughts and my opinions as such they aren't wrong they are just mine.  I try not to offend anyone and should anything I write do so please contact me personally - it is not my intention to. 

Absorbed in a Book Reviews (alpha order)
Quick Twitter Opinions ( A tweet where I give my opinion on the book Read)
MarnieColette Review Page at BBB 
(I am a volunteer reviewer at Bitten by Books these review links will take you there.)