Reflected in YOU! - WOW is all I can say!

I just read Reflected in You by Sylvia Day!  It's the second in the Crossfire Novels.  I read this book and honestly I was floored.  Bared to You the first one in the book wasn't bad I liked Gideon and Eva but I was not engulfed by their story I enjoyed the read but I wasn't swept away.  If I was to be honest I read it because it was lying around the house...I picked it up because it was there.

I actually did the same with Reflected in You.  It was on the Kindle I was bored on the way to work - so I started reading it.  I could NOT put it down.  I was covertly reading it on the Kindle on my phone while I worked... I was hooked.  I walked away loving both Gideon and Eva and pouting because I had to wait for the third one to come out in Dec 2012.

The most intriguing part of this is that many people are saying it's a take off on the 50 Shades Trilogy ...  let me just tell you I tried to read that and couldn't finish the first one.  The Crossfire Novels so far are on a completely different level.

Two shattered and messed up individuals trying to find their happening ending - both on equal footing.  I will be honest Gideon is intense and the way he loves Eva is breath taking.

It's a must read.. but start with the first it truly is needed to fully appreciate Reflected in You.

4.5 Moons for this one!



Julie@My5monkeys said...

adds to reading pile since you adored it :)