Guest Review - Until There Was You by By Jessica Scott

Until There Was You:  A Loveswept Contemporary Military Romance

By Jessica Scott

Kindle - October 8, 2012

There are books that need to be written in order to explain important moments in our history.  ‘Until there was You’ is one of those books.

It is a story of war, told through the very human eyes of two soldiers as they fall in love.  People talk about the majestic sacrifices of soldiers lives, and the possibility of awful consequences when soldiers go off to war.  But never do they discuss the simple joy of soldiers as they discover an ‘average everyday emotion.’

Jessica Scott’s first book, Because of You, spoke about what happens when soldiers come home injured.  It was gorgeous, majestic; a story filled with highs lows and heart. 

But ‘Until there was You’ is different. It deals with the behind the scenes preparations that must be followed before a unit gets deployed, how commanders do what they think must be done, whether the soldiers and command on the ground think it’s right…or not.  This is where Evan, a West Point trained officer and Claire, an enlisted soldier who became an officer,collide.  Two different paths to command, two different difficult pasts.

Their story isn’t majestic, but it’s as full of heart once you find it.  It’s detailed, moving slowly but worth the journey. A diamond in the rough.  Especially for someone like me who enjoys learning about those everyday details of military life that you don’t usually get to read about.

~ Stacey Agdern   

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