Reading of late

I have been on  E-Book binge of late.  Here is what I have been reading.

Angelfall by Susan Ee
  - Loved this new approach to Angel's story.  I will be writing a post on this later.

Brightarrow Burning  By Isabo Kelly - I heard her read an excerpt at Lady Jane's Saloon.  I knew I had to buy it.  It was a short delicious read.

Collision Course By Zoe Archer - SFR at it's best.   I loved this. First in the series.

Chain Reaction by Zoe Archer - I loved the first in this series and I loved the second one.  Who doesn't love a sexy Alpha Geek Boy.

Fractured by Sandra Sookoo - The concept was awesome didn't like the execution of this one so much.  Vampires/ Space travel it could have been great.

ICE (Alaska Heat) by Stephanie Rowe - Great contemporary romance with lots of angst drama and murder.  Great story put together well.

Jewels by Lakisha Speltzer - Nice read I wish it was longer because the world built here needs more exploration.

Marshall's Guard by Isabo Kelly - SFR what can I say when done right it is oh so good.

The Prince's Groom by KT Grant - M/M spin off of The Princess Bride.  It was a great read.  Looking for sizzle this one has it.

The Promise of Kiern'Rhoan by Isabo Kelly - This is OLD SCHOOL Science Fiction romance at it's best.   Highly recommended.

Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews - Kinsmen Story.  My only complaint is I wish they were longer.  I like these stories.