QO - YA Warm Bodies - Issac Marion

Quick Opinion Review 

Warm Bodies by Issac Marion 
Hardcover Print

Rating: 4.5 Moons
R is a zombie with an identity crisis.  He longs to be the eloquent man in his mind not the shuffling one word creature he is.  It all changes when he eats the brain of a boy with vivid memories and discovers a girl willing to look past the outer shell to see the man he once was.   R makes the choice to be more than he is.   Now he just has to figure out how to survive long enough to live.

YA is not my normal cup of tea but this one had Zombies.  I love Zombies.  I also really liked this book.  R was a well planned out and well developed character.  The sporting cast of characters were strong in there own right and at points took over for a bit.  There were a couple minor foibles that had me going huh! Sleeping next to a zombie that eats your brains?  Over all the plot was logical, detailed and consistent.  It will appeal to a larger audience than just YA readers.  Highly recommended.   I can't wait until the movie comes out!