Cursed (Touched) by S.A. Archer - Blog Tour Review

Cursed (Touched Series)
By: S.A. Archer
Publisher RavynHeart Publishing

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This is the first of a series of five short stories set in the Touched world.

Cursed tells the story of a human named London Eyer,  a private investigator.  Her speciality parahuman cases.  Her friend Selena a vampire who wants to blur the lines of friendship has arranged a meeting for London that will change her life forever.  Rico isn't just an every day drop dead gorgeous man, he is a Sidhe with a special talent,  he has the Touch.   It isn't bad enough she works with Wizards, Changelings and Vampires now she finds herself cursed by the Touch and forced into a war that has been raging forever.   The question is will she survive long enough to find a cure for her curse or will she forever crave the Touch?

Great story 4 genre!

I liked this 'mini-episode'.  It was like watching the pilot to a new TV show.  A lot happens, you get some answers but you are left with more.  I thought that for such a short story (10,000 words) that the author does an excellent job of giving you just the right  details and action.  While I did have a couple question regarding the turn of events (spoilers so I won't go into details) they didn't concern me too much.  Overall I liked this short story and I can't wait for the remaining shorts.  I am curious about a certain Vampires intentions!

Now for a real treat contest!

The author is being generous and one random winner will receive all 5 eBooks in the series... note that some will be released in the future so you will receive them as they are released. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

 To enter all you have to do is...
 1) Leave a comment
 2) tweeting about review and posting link or @marniebelle will give you another entry.
 3) I always give an extra entry if you decide to follow me.

 Contest ends: Monday, January 9th at midnight e.s.t. - Winner will be chosen by the gods of random..org

 Disclaimer: A copy of this book was received as by blog as part of participation in a Blog Tour. Prizes are given directly to winners by Author.


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Very cool...

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Cool, sounds like some good books.

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