Great Christmas Idea for your Book Lover - Pre-orders

Do you have a book lover in your family?
A person that can recite to you the days when their favorite books will come out even when it is 6 months away?

I have the perfect gift idea for you - the pre-order!  

Yes, you can give a gift that will remind your book lover all through out the year that you were thinking of them. Pre-order some of their favorite books. 

I have taken the liberty to post my top suggested books (various genres) that you should consider pre-ordering for your book lover.   (Note to family: Some I already got and the others I have already pre-ordered myself -- so this is not a hint for what I want. You all must be more creative than that!)

 Jan. 10, 2012   Lothaire by K.Cole - Paranormal Romance

This one is a given its the long AWAITED Lothaire.  It's a must read for fans.

Jan. 10, 2012 - A Millions Suns by B.Revis - YA Science Fiction

Sequel - those that read Across the Universe cannot wait for this one.

Jan. 24, 2012  Horizon by S.Littlefield - Urban Fantasy/ Dsytopina Zombie Thriller

OMG - this book needs to go on everyone's list.  I read this one (thanks to a friend who got me an advance copy)  I love this trilogy - so if you want to get this one for your Book Lover I would suggest purchasing the first two if they haven't read them.  (Aftertime and Rebirth)!  Check back in January for a review. 

Jan. 31, 2012   Shadow Ops: Control Point by M.Cole- Military Fantasy

This is a great debut novel from the author.  I 've read this one and I would highly recommended it for both male and female readers.  I would even say a romance reader would enjoy this one too.   Check back in January for a review and if I am lucky I may be able to snag an author interview.  Contests!

Feb. 7, 2012    City of Dragons - Volume Three by R. Hobb - Science Fiction and Fantasy

Feb. 8, 2012    Pure by J. Baggott- YA Dsytopian

It's all the rage.

Feb. 21, 2012 Celebrity in Death by JD. Robb - Futuristic Thriller Romance

This series is like crack to the people that read Robb.  You can't go wrong with this purchase!

Feb.28, 2012 Angel's Flight by N.Singh - Paranormal/Angel Romance

Besides having the best covers around.  The Guild Hunter series can be read as stand alone stories.  I would certainly pick this one up for your book lover.

Feb. 28, 2012   By a Thread by J.Estep- Urban Fantasy

Kick ass retired assassin who can cook!  Need I say more.

Apr. 3, 2012    Alien Diplomacy by G.Koch - Science Fiction Romance

Okay, this is book 5 of one my favorite series.  I suggest you get 1-4 for any book lover you know.  This has it all kick ass heroine, hot male aliens and more action than one book should have.  A must read!

June 1, 2012  The Nemisis List by J.R. Firth - Military Science Fiction

Debut author - I love blurb and I love the cover.