Alien Proliferation by Gini Koch - ARC Review
Book 4 in the Alien Series

Author: Gini Koch  
Publisher: DAW Books
ISBN 9780756406974
December 6, 2011

Official Tag line: It’s all about the Gothic, baby!

Before we start let me just say this is Book #4 in the Alien Series or Katherine “Kitty” Katt Series - it depends on who you are asking in order to enjoy the full aspects of this book, but it is necessary in my opinion to have read the 3 prior books.  

So consider yourself warned there will be some spoilers about the series.

Back Cover - IMO

Katherine “Kitty” Katt-Martini doesn’t do anything average, easy or simple. What makes anyone think that her pregnancy, birth and subsequent raising of her progeny would be any different?  Maybe, her husband Jeff Martini, who was worried out of of his mind and determined to make it easy, simple and as average as one could get when having and raising a half human, half alien baby.

But Jeff didn’t plan on baby having their own plans and baby most certainly has other plans. 

Now throw in a baby boom among the Alien woman, sudden disappearances of key AC’s across the globe, mysterious attacks and a shifting a power that only Kitty could have foretold and you have a recipe for a typical week for Kitty and Jeff. 

Oh, did I mention that Kitty is now superhuman and much to the dismay of her husband Jeff - she has a surprising new partner!

Kitty is about to kick some butt and take names later - remember “don’t mess with the comic geek-girl” (from Alien Proliferation)!

My thoughts

I eagerly awaited this book for many reasons.  The first being that I love the character of Kitty.  I can relate to this woman and I missed her.  I know you say how can I relate to a character in a book who is married to an alien and fights monsters?  Well, duh I can’t, but I can relate to how Kitty responds to the situations she is put in.  Logically and rationally - like any modern woman would. 

After kicking a door down and booting an Alien across the floor...Kitty stated
“But you can be happy with this knowledge - they’re both a lot nicer than I am.”  
I would so say that and totally mean it too.

I do so love the writing style of Gini Koch, she delivers spot on dialogue, amazing thought processes (yes I can keep up) and diabolical twist that you see coming but just can’t identify until Kitty unwinds it.

 " You know at a time like this,  I just have to ask one question of you vicious bastards - WWWD?"   (WWWD = What would Wolverine do?)

Second is her character development.  In this book it’s expanded and dives further into the supporting characters.  Yes, you heard me correctly and for all us Christopher lovers we can all say - Finally!  This isn’t to say that Kitty and Jeff take a back burner - it’s more like they find their groove and start helping others find theirs.  (That is all the hints you are getting!)

Third her fearlessness in incorporating humor, monster killing and some serious plot lines together in a story about aliens.  Alien Proliferation addresses some pretty big things and they were done in a meaningful, serious manner but they stay true to the overall nature of the story.  Kudos to Gini Koch.

Fourth and probably one of the tops reasons I love this series, change.  Alien Proliferation is riddled with change.  New type of bad guy.  New partnerships.  New experiences.  New group dynamics.   I think with a series like this change is necessary because its life and life doesn’t stay the same...it evolves.   Gini Koch takes her characters a huge evolution in Alien Proliferation.

My Opinion

I found this book to be a great addition to the series.   I loved all the familiar elements of Kitty’s world.  Her banter, her thought process, her devotion to her ‘family’ and her love of Jeff.  Jeff - well what can I say about him - yummy!  In Alien Proliferation his role wasn’t as prominent as past books. He was more of the driving force behind the scenes.  Overall the progression of Kitty and Jeff's relationship seems to be heading in some interesting directions.  I will say I was a little worried for a nanosecond that ‘baby’ would change the dynamics and the personalities of the Kitty and Jeff in a not so happy way - needless to say I had nothing to worry about.

Alien Proliferation gets:
(Perfect but... the story is not finished!)

 I felt this book was more of a transition book to the next phase of the adventure and as such I would not recommend reading this as a standalone.  This book was more about changing the game and the roles people play in the world that Gini Koch created.  You couldn’t put this book down - every paragraph and sentence was a must read.   Well written, funny, emotional and filled with constant adventure and witty repartee! 

Disclaimer:  Received ARC from Publisher.  Please note that I am also administrator of author’s Fan site.  My views are my opinions and are as objective as possible.


Julie@My5monkeys said...

Great review and there were times I was saying ..look my girl is growing up and yeah for the christopher lovers :) I can see that it is transition book but loved that everyone is growing and changing with life :) Oh the music