To NYCC or Not To NYCC - that is the question

This last weekend I went to my first ever Comic Con... the real question is will I ever go back!  Let me give you my impressions of the NYCC and let you all decide.

Imagine 95,000 people crammed into a very tiny space and then imagine adding 5,000 more.  OMG the crowds were unlike anything I have ever seen and I have been in France when the French won the World Cup.  The worse part was the organizing of the event, it was not well planned.

                                                                    The crowd to get in.

I did enjoy the costumes.  It is interesting what people claim as costumes.  I saw a guy in red briefs and a cape.  Lots of french  maid outfits - not sure how that ties in with Comic Books.   I also saw a walking vagina and scrotum (sorry I didn't get that picture but if you want to see it head over to Babbling About Books by KatieBabs  she has an excellent post up with some nice pictures.)   The coolest costume I saw was Bumble Bee - full animatronics standing 7 feet tall.

I also found it fun and quite interesting to see grown men and women dress up as comic book characters that I have always associated with children.   It was eye opening to see just how much people get into Cosplay.   I give them kudos because I am not sure I could do it.

                                                                Superman and Robin

I also had the chance to visit some industry booths.   Hachette, Tor, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Harlequin.   I was lucky enough to score some signed books from some of the wonderful authors that came to visit NYCC.    

ARC's and Books -  a post for another day (because I want to add some pictures)

I did get to meet the lovely Kristen Painter, Marjorie Lui, Jeannine Frost and  David Liss.

                                                                 Moi and Kristen Painter

                                                                      Moi and Jeannine Frost

The highlight of my overall experience was the Conan panel -  the only panel I had to see and the one that my sister threaten me with bodily harm if I didn't take her too (it was her only stipulation for being dragged to comic con!)

                                  Jason Momoa - one funny dude.  Yup that is Rose McGowan too.

I was also very lucky and ran into Michael Easton - he played the vampire on Port Charles but I think everyone (but me) knows him from One Life to Live.   He is very sexy and boy did he smell yummy.

                                             Moi and Michael Easton (actor, graphic novelist)

Okay, would I do Comic Con again - probably not.  Why, not because I didn't meet some very cool people and not because I didn't think the attendees were interesting and fun.  I wouldn't attend again because... the organizing of this event SUCKED and did I mention it SUCKED.

1) 3 functioning ATM's in the whole place - with like 100,000 people attending per day.
2) Food Court only took cash - see #1 with an exception of one very long line.
3) There was so many people on the event floor - there were times you couldn't move.
4) Lines were ridiculous for everything including the drinking fountain - worse than Disney World during spring break.
5) The price for water - worse than Disney World. Hence the line for the drinking fountain.

Overall,  I am very glad that I had the chance to attend New York Comic Con.  I can check it off my 1,000 things to do list.   Perhaps I will be brave and venture to the San Diego one just to say I did.