Why it's simple LIFE!

Over the last 2 1/2 months I have been in a major reading/reviewing funk.  It's not that I haven't grabbed the occasional book to read or I haven't written the odd review - its just that overall I haven't the energy to read, write or even breathe.  

Why its simple LIFE!
I know we are all living and that really isn't an excuse but when I say LIFE I don't just mean living.  I mean the yuckiness of it.  Not wanting to get into the gory details of it but I do feel that I owe people some sort of explanation since this is a blog of books and reviews and they haven't been happening in the last couple of months.   So to sum it up .... I nearly lost some very important people in my life due to medical reason (one in fact twice)- thankfully that is (knocking on wood a.k.a my head) over with!  I also had to say goodbye to my dog of 10.5 years.  And then I GOT a very nasty cold and cough.... I practice Homeopathy but I was on a business trip and had no access to anything when I got my UGLY (did I mention how UGLY) cold.  I am finally on the mend.   Okay enough with the whining.

I am currently writing the following reviews.

Full reviews

Rebirth - Sophie Littlefield  (8/30/11)
Warm Bodies  by Issac Marion (9/02/11)

QOF Reviews (9/02/11)

Snow's Heat - Nicole Hicks
Ironhaven - Misa Buckl
Hunter's Moon - Bernadette Garner

I will post a reading schedule sometime next week.

Thanks for all the patience.