BEA - My First

Okay.   I am off to BEA, not really off to it since I already live here in NYC.   This will be my first BEA and I am a little nervous about it - why?  Its a rather daunting experience to say the least.  Have you seen the size of the Javits Center!  

I have a game plan - my mission is to see Kristin Painter and Gena Showalter!  IF I see these two it will be successful.   I also want to check out tons of other things but I have my heart set on these two!

Will keep you posted and if I can find my camera and charge it I will post some pictures too!


The Literary Lioness said...

Hi! I met you today in the line waiting to get in at BEA. I hope you had a good time. I staggered back to Jersey with many tote bags -- enough for a lifetime -- and many free books. It is true that people go crazy over the freebies :) Hope to see you at BBC on Friday!