BEA 2011 - My First Day Ever!

I had a WONDERFUL day at my first ever BEA 2011 here in NYC at the Javits Center. Truth be told I did not know what to expect and what I did expect DID NOT prepare me for the reality of it. WOW is all I can say.
I envisioned walking around seeing all the publishers and getting a since of the books they have coming out over the next year. I thought that I would stand in endless lines to get a couple of autographs… I have two in particular I was/am ready to stand forever for. My goal for the day was maybe five books. I was not really expecting to meet or see anyone I knew. I was SO wrong.

Standing in the line to get into BEA I met a librarian from D.C. and a blogger from California. We were all headed to RWA booth for a signing from Jeri Smith-Ready and Jana Oliver. The doors open and off we go. I was mesmerized by the vastness of the venue and this was only one side. We headed over to RWA and I was #2 in line – yeah. RWA booth staff is awesome and they pointed out a wonderful bookshelf and told us to help ourselves… I picked up three books from authors I loved and I cannot wait to dive into reading them. I had me an author squee! with Jeri and Jana. I then headed over to the autography area and on the way ran into some blogger friends. It’s a small world and I love it. Got a couple more books signed and I figured my day was perfect; clearly it only got better.

I ran into Grace (@princessgrace10) and she was well prepared with a list of authors and books. I tagged along since we have similar tastes. We got books! Discovered some great new talent along the way too! I for one cannot wait to read The Taker by Alma Katsu (@almakatsu).

Just before lunch we ran into Stacey (@nystacey)… my karma was definitely on a role because that is one person who knows her stuff and knows her people. BEA 2011 was great but she made it spectacular – thank you Stacey! I tagged along with her and got to meet some wonderful people. We also ended up finding some great books – once again we have some similar tastes in reading!

Okay now for my Author crush geek –girl moment…. Gena Showalter! She was signing Darkest Kiss. I dragged Stacey who probably got sick of me saying – OMG there is Gena. Sure I have some books from her autographed but they are contest wins… this one is MY meeting Gena autograph!!!! I handled it well – really I did! (Gena is super nice and just as lovely as you can imagine!) Now today was complete the rest is just icing and sprinkles on my decadent cupcake known as BEA 2011.

We met up with the wonderful and charming Katie (@katiebabs) too! We stood in line for the new book by Leanna Renee Hieber (@leannarenee) Darker Still – something new for me a historical supernatural fantasy, the cover is amazing. She signed out the book in less than 30 minutes. I also discovered some seriously great comic books and picked up a couple – I’ve never reviewed a comic before.

The longest adventure of the day -> waiting in line for Richelle Meads' Bloodlines but I think this is going to be worth it.

So the tally of books 40 (my shoulders are killing me from carrying them)!

Not going on Wednesday but my friends got my back so I might have a couple more books to add to the tally.

Now for Thursday --- another author crush moment I am hoping with Kristen Painter. This time I hope I remember my camera!

Thanks BEA - I know what I am going to be doing this summer!


Alma said...

Hi Marnie,
It was great to meet you! Now you're a BEA pro--aching feet and shoulders that feel like they've been wrenched from your skeleton. But the stash of book--!


Jana Oliver said...

Was I even coherent at that hour? I was running on not much sleep the night before and certainly not enough coffee. I did get to pick up a copy of Kristen's BLOOD RIGHTS and Leanna's THE PERILOUS PROPHECY OF GUARD AND GODDESS.

I'm so happy to hear the rest of your first day went fabulously. Mine did, that's for sure. It was a blast. I am definitely making the trip back to NYC next year.