Quick Twitter Opinions of Books I read Blog Debut.

I've decided that since some books I read get my twitter opinions  I figure they should also get some blog time too.  I am now going to post them here on my blog where you can check to see why I purchased it in the first place and if I think the decision wise?  but be forewarned that is all your getting...

Just finished Dark Kiss of Reaper by @ - 4.5 moons for this one. I want my own Reaper-emotional & sweet read. Go pick it up

Why did I buy it?   
Honestly,  you did see the cover ( the beauty to the left) didn't you.  I am a cover slut and that is why I originally bought it.  I do enjoy Kristen Painter's writing and have read some of her other works.

Was the decision wise? 
Hell yes!   I really loved this story as I believe you can tell from my Twitter Review.

 Tweeted:Just finished Nightshade by M.Rowen. 3.5 Moons for this one. Heorine copes well - the rest not to sure. Wondering who the hero really is?

Why did I buy it?   
The blurb sounded like this would be a great story and I love series beginnings.  I also have enjoyed Michelle Rowen's writing in the past

Was the decision wise? 
The verdict is still out on this.  It's a series beginning so a lot of things were not really 'wrapped -up' and well defined.  I will pick up book two and see how that one goes.