Massage Chair - Utlimate Yuletide Gift idea for the Book Lover.

Massage Chair - Utlimate Yuletide Gift ideas for the Book Lover.

I tried to do the 24 days of Yuletide Gift ideas for the Book Lover we all know (or are) but ebil sickness sidetracked it - sidetrack a whole bunch of Yuletide cheer! So... I decided that I would just post this the Ultimate Gift Idea for the Book Lover. 

A Massage Chair - the supreme being of all massage chairs.  The Zero Gravity addition from Brookstones.  Imagine yourself floating in this heaven and reading that book you have been waiting for (6 months to a year) lost in your world as tiny like fingers knead you into relaxation.  Yup the perfect gift for a book lover.   

Platinum of all massage chairs! A cool $3,300!

Okay so maybe its out of your price range.   I do come prepared.  Here is a nice alternative that is a little more affordable.

A little more reasonable but just as nice!

Its just one of those gifts that says -- hey I care about you and I want you to be comfy when you read.  (ok so you might benefit from it too!  A win-win situation!)