Day 2 of 24 days of Yuletide Gift ideas for the Book Lover

Day 2 - Bookmarks!

Book Lovers love their books and most (like me) have very strict policies on book bending and spine breaking... as such a bookmark is a great gift to give to a book lover.  I have several and in their own right are just as important to me as my books.  The great thing about a bookmark is that you can go as elaborate or simple as you want.  Tweak the bookmark to fit the person and their reading style.  Go for a little glamor to give them an heirloom for future generations of book lovers.

I love the Etsy site you can find all sorts of lovely handmade bookmarks.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Courtesy of PurpleBus Studio on Etsy

Courtesy of thatSandyGirl1 on Etsy

Now if you want to go all out and glamor it up.  I suggest a Tiffany's Silver Bookmark - you can even engrave to add a level of personalization.  (I got my sister one for her 30th birthday!)

Tiffany.com - Silver Bookmark great for engraving
 Last but not least - get some stock paper and make your own!  This will allow you to give the more personal touch.  Glue on photos and decorate with meaningful saying bottom line have fun.