Book Rest - Day 3 of 24 days of Yuletide Gift ideas for the Book Lover

Day 3 - Book Res

I stumbled across this playing on amazon.com one day and I think any book lover would love this - you can use it for a book or an e-reader.  It works really well with trade paperbacks and hardcovers.  It the perfect gift to let your book lover know you care about them and you don't want there arms to get tired while they are enjoy their story.    So, I say go out and get one of these for your favorite book lover. 

You use it by sitting it on your lap. Click here to read about it on Amazon.

Simple elegant - non-pattern.  It also comes in Navy, Grey and Orange.
I like this one Asian Green

Jungle for the more adventuresome

And then there is Cheetah!


Walter said...

Is the cord to turn the book,e-reader,etc holder massaging unit on to maker them happier while being held and read???
What is the cost??
Whar was rge second dats suggest gift idea, I missed it some how???