Day 1 of 24 days of Yuletide Gift ideas for the Book Lover

In honor of the Yultide Season and shinny gifts under the tree...I have decided to post a great gift idea for the book lover in your life.

Day 1 - GC

Also known as a gift card, a GC to a bookstore is a great gift idea for a book lover.

Do not give a Visa or Mastercard because common sense or good ole practicality will sometimes overwhelm the Book Lover and they will use the GC for practical things.

When you gift an amazon/b&n or a books on board to name a few you are giving your book lover the go ahead to indulge.

Contrary to the belief a GC is impersonal - to a Book Lover its saying " Hey I know you and I realize its best to let you pick out the right book."

So go ahead and GC a booksore near! Your Book Lover will adore it.

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Walter said...

Excellent article and I agree with you. I am not really a book reader, but Mom is.