When the mood Grabs you

Over at the lovely blog “Lurve a la Mode” the topic of discussion yesterday was ‘When should a book Grab you?’ This got me thinking.

When does a book grab and just how long will I read waiting for this lovely grab?

If I were to be honest I need the book to strike some sort of cord with me at least in the first chapter or so.   I would prefer an instant connection - there are some really great opening lines that grab you hook line and 350 pages in an all night reading marathon – a rarity but it can happen.  (Gena, Gini, Nalini and Ilona – I feel close to them since they have given me many sleepless nights.)

I realize this is generally not the case.  Honestly I would say within the first one or two chapters – something needs to click: character, style of writing, plot or a combination of all three.  Without this click the book sometimes turns into work and I really don’t read for work unless I am asked to review something.  I read for fun, pleasure and escapism – if a book doesn’t meet those needs and I find that I have to work to read it – it’s not worth it for me to continue.

In the past, I have put down books because they just didn’t click and found myself picking them up at another time and getting an immediate reaction.

It’s really a combination of story, writing and where my head is at the moment.    

So I guess the answer to when should a book grab you? for me at least is …   It all depends on a the set of circumstances. It’s all about the mood for me.

So does your mood affect how you approach your book reading?