Waiting - well I don't do it very well.

I am so excited. Tomorrow the Crown of Crystal Flame the last in the Tairen Stories by C.L. Wilson is coming out.    I must admit when I started this journey in January of this year I was coming to the game a little late.  I had heard about the books on various blogs but every time I went to pick one up at the store some other cover struck my eye.  (Yes I am a cover junkie I am not proud of it but I am.)   

So you ask "how did I finally start the series?"   I found Lord of the Fading Lands at a used book store and figured why not?  It was love at first chapter.  I devoured it one wintery Saturday and then spent the next day searching for the next 3 books.  When I discovered there was to be a fifth I was elated but that quickly turned sour when I realized I had to wait until Oct. 2010. 

Anyone that knows me --- I don't do waiting well.  It drives me absolutely bonkers to have to wait for the next book but I must and quite honestly I don't like it.   Sure I know the whole--- "The author needs time to create the perfect story - you don't want to rush the Muse."   I get that but I don't have to like it.  So you can just imagine my happiness that I don't have to wait anymore......well at least for this one. 


Reading order....
1. Lord of the Fading Lands
2. Lady of Light and Shadows
3. King of Sword and Sky
4. Queen of Song and Soul
5. Crown of Crystal Fame