Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch - A must read SFR

Touched by an Alien
by Gini Koch (www.ginikoch.com)

Can I just say whoa? Really I was not expecting this, I just wanted to buy a book on my new iPad and the title was catchy so I clicked. It was one of those impulsive clicks and you know how those generally go but not this one. OH NO! This one was like winning the lottery when you didn't remember playing. How could you go wrong when you mix a marketing manager who wields a mean Mont Blanc and destroys alien dinosaurs with tunes from her iPod with a uber sexy Alpha Centauri hero who won't take no for answer. Well you can't. Gini Koch you rocked this one out of the atmosphere with just the right amount of dark humor, action and steamy moments. You even manage to incorporate political commentary both earth based and galactic with a touch of family drama thrown in to boot. I adored this book and I can't wait for the next. Ok enough about my loving it and on to my review and since I got myself an e-book I can't give you all the book synopsis from the back cover. So here it goes... my style of the back cover.

Katherine "Kitty" Katt, marketing manager extraordinaire. She can wield a Mont Blanc like a French Swordsman, dispatch hairspray like a torch thrower and knock anyone one dead with her music selection, one little scary super being couldn't scare her especially when she had a her own knight in shining armor from Alpha Centauri as a partner. Now if she can just deal with a Mom who's hiding a secret, an alien who just doesn't understand she doesn't like him that way, a father who knows more than he lets on and a suicidal alien empath who won't take no for an answer, she just might figure out how to save the day, stay in one piece and get her alien! Mr. Martini prepare to be shaken.

Katherine "Kitty" Katt isn't sure how she found herself in the predicament she was in, stuck in the back of a limo snuggled next to a hot man convinced he is going to marry her. Ok, maybe it had to do with the man outside the courthouse that morphed into something right out of a bad comic book - you know that thing she stuck her very expensive Mont Blanc pen it. Perhaps that had something to do with it yeah she was thinking it had a lot to do with it but really did these proverbial men in black think she was an idiot. They had some explaining to do and they better start now. I loved Kitty. She was sarcastic, brilliant and not afraid to say what she wanted - even when it wasn't always the right thing or the most appropriate time for it. I loved how she trucked on through and even when she wanted to run screaming in the other direction she didn't she always came through. Yes, Kitty I would have been confused too by Mom and her suggestions you were leading Christopher on. Come on, snarkiness does not equally flirting, okay at least most of the time and definitely in your case not flirting. I also think that your reaction to the melodramatic behavior that Jeff exhibits was beyond reproach, when I would have just hit him over the head, your restraint and understanding of the situation was mature and having him jump out of moving vehicle quite understandable. Overall, I think Kitty has it all under control just don't let her Mom hear you say that.

Yes, this book had many wonderful characters and to give them justice here I would have to write my own novella, why because each was developed on such a level that I didn't feel like they were fluff thrown in to fill the pages but legitimate parts of the story that just made it even more complex and complete. I could tell you about the hero Jeff Martini but I couldn't do him justice - all the self-sacrificing male hotness that he is - an alien that puts his life on the line over and over again to save a planet and people that weren't even his own. I could mention a multitude of characters that were willing to follow Kitty into hell and back - both human and alien - oh yeah they did! Or I can just tell you to open up that web browser to your favorite book site and purchase Touched by an Alien. Better yet why don't you just run down to the local book store and buy a copy. You will love this funny and wonderful take on girl meets alien lets save the world story. I am waiting not so patiently for December 2010 to roll around - I have a date with a book named Alien Tango.


Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Wonderful review and I agree with every word of it! I'm not a sci-fi fan and dreaded reading Touched by an Alien a bit, but everyone was praising it, so I took the leap, and WOW! LOVED it!! Immediately became one of my favourite reads in 2010! :-D December cannot come soon enough!

You can find ym review here if you are interested.

Amber Scott said...

I'm with you all! Great title, awesome cover, I figured why not give it a whirl. It blew me away.

Sullivan McPig said...

great review.
i myself am still glad I bought Touched by an alien on impulse instead of the Sookie Stackhouse book i was planning on buying