Shadowlight By Lynn Viehl - e-ARC Review.

The back cover according to me!

Jessa never really dreamed that before she could really live she would have to die. Her life had been one of contentment, a home she adored, a new job that would provide her with a means to reach her long-term goals, a man that treasured her and a gift to found the good around her. It all changed in a moment of another’s bitter desolation and the bite of bullet. Now her life was one of survival. She had an apartment to rest her head and a job that gave her a means to deal with a curse that only found the evil that existed in others. Although she felt that her life was one of loneliness until she met him and begun to understand…

Matthias carried the burden of a lifetime long past. He struggled to survive in a time that he wasn’t born for, to understand all that was happening to him and to help others face the same unknown. In a race against those that want to destroy, Matthias struggles to teach a woman who sees the evil in everyone that honesty, love and friendship does exist if you open your heart and that a curse can be a gift.

Enter the world of the Kyndred, re-born to immortality, gifted with an unique ability, struggling to survive in the normal and fighting to survive the evil that is systematically stalking them. Meet Jess and Matthias as they learn to trust each other, unlock the mystery known as Rowan and discover just what Drew is capable of as they fight to stop the evilness of a man who believes he has become a god.

My Thoughts on reading it.

Oh wow! When I started this journey of reading Lynn Viehl’s Shadowlight e-Arc, I had no idea what was in store for me. Yes, I am familiar with her work. I read the very first book in her Darkyn series, I am an avid reader of her blog and I knew I liked her style from the start. So when she decided to experiment on sending out e-Arc I jumped at the chance to read it. It was fantastic.

So lets begin with the word Unbalanced!

Unbalanced is what I was feeling as I read the opening pages, I truly had no idea what I was starting and that for me is truly not the norm. I do my research. I know the author. I know the basic premise of the story. I‘ve read the reviews, but not this time. This was completely different, I can only compare this to getting in a car, pointing it in a direction and driving until you are on empty – the journey and the destination both together create a truly unique experience.

So I was unbalanced when I started and Lynn continued to keep me unbalanced me for the first quarter of the book. I wasn’t sure what was going on from character to character, except for historical events, newspaper article’s and time periods. I knew that it was a series starter and a lot of information needed to be presented, yet I just couldn’t tie it altogether but still found myself intrigued by what was being presented and I couldn’t put it down.

And then wham!

I can’t say it was a defining wham moment, but more like a wham smack to my head where everything just tied together and it all made sense. I understood the why of the history lessons and the importance of the meeting the characters we did. My one and only compliant was when it ended I wanted more. I wanted more of the relationship of Matthias and Jessa. I wanted to learn a tiny bit more of the lonely Rowan. I really hope to learn a little more about the secrets Drew kept and I was dying to know all about the history of Samantha and Lucan. I even wanted more of Jonah Genaro. I am hoping that he will be one of those bad boys that is redeemed. I secretly love those.

So, if you are looking for a great series starter that introduces you to a fascinating world filled with strong heroes and heroines look no further then Lynn Viehl's Shadowlight.