QOF Day - 5 books real fast!

Welcome to the inaugural Quick Opinion Friday (QOF).

The perhaps of this lovely day is for me to give my opinion on books I have read over the course of my lifetime.

The rules are simple:
1) Give a rating
2) 1 to 2 sentence synopsis
3) 1 to 2 sentence review

Each week there will be a theme of some sort.

Todays theme: 5 Random Books selected off of my Sony E-reader (the shiny red one).

Afterlife - By: Douglas Clegg
Rating: 1.81 out of 5
This was a story about a woman coping with the murder of her husband and learning that the life she thought she was leading was a lie.
This was a very hard story to get into I found it rather difficult to relate to perhaps due to the flow of the book while the story had potential it wasn’t developed enough to deliver. !

Biting Nixie: A Biting Love Novel - By: Mary Hughes
Kindle Edition/E-Book
Rating: 3.78 out of 5
Nixie Schmeling = attitude. Julian Emerson = century old Vampire. These two are thrown together to oversee the town festival and find themselves battling not only the Vampire gang trying to take over but their emotions for each other.
I liked this story while polar opposites, Nixie and Julian, suited each other perfectly - the action was believable and the romance was hot. My only complaint was the slang Nixie used throughout, it got rather hard to follow since I am not big on gaming terminology.

Black Dragon's Blood Book 1 - By: Anita Philmar
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Amanda is looking for her husbands murder, she isn't looking for a mate and most certainly doesn't think she will end up pregnant. Enter William, black dragon, he gets what he wants and he wants Amanda.
I loved the Alphaness (is that a word) of Williams character and I loved the spunkiness of Amanda, they complimented each other perfectly. I enjoyed watching these two get caught up in the uncontrollable desire that their dragon blood produces when they find their mates. This is a hot one!!!!!

Black Dragon's Moon Book 2- By: Anita Philmar

Rating: 4.41 out of 5
Scott knows what he wants and that is Dee Butterfield, his black dragon's blood calls for her. Dee knows what she wants a career with the Dragon Center and nothing will stop her not even the uncontrollable desire she has for Scott.
I love the passion and the focus in which Scott pursues Dee, he knows what he wants and its Dee. I really liked that while Scott was pure Alpha, he compromised where Dee was concerned and let her come to him on her terms. This one sizzles!

Interplanetary Passion -By: Jaden Sinclair
Rating: 4.06 out of 5
Earth and Pluto have a trade agreement: Earth sends unattached females to Pluto to help the dying population and Pluto sends goods to earth. This book focuses on Jovan, a plutonian male, who discovers his mate in Nichelle, an unattached earth girl, and fights to overcome her fears while battling the evil that follows her
I like Jovan and Nichelle together, they played off each other perfectly. This story was filled with tons of steam, the necassary big bad evil and a wonderfully Alpha hero - my only complaint was that it ended.


Donna said...

Good idea! I prefer short and to the point reviews myself. But I don't think I could keep a review to 1-2 sentences myself, maybe a paragraph or two but I'm just wordy. :)