Review Factors- How I rate a book!

In my infinite wisdom I have decided that I am going to give this reviewing thing a try, simply because I so have an opinion and I figure why the heck not.

Overall Rating: x out of 5
1= Yikes – why?
2= It passed the time.
3= It has great potential!
4= Well worth the buy!
5= Loved it - up all night!

6=Time stood still while I read this. (Only happens with a 5 star book and an Epilogue to die for!)

When I read a book I have the following things floating around in my head, as such these following 9 items are how I get my scores:

1) Huh? There in what? (1=acquaintances, 5= Soul Mates)
Time frame for love can vary based on the world created and the setting of the story. Paranormal stories tend to be given more leeway in my head because of the animalistic and magical elements that are in play.

2) World/Universe? (1= Say What?, 5=Consistent and Clear)
Just be thorough and consistent when creating your world. I hate reading when there are constant inconsistencies and please don’t get all complicated unless you really need too. Don’t make up too many words that can be just darn right confusing.

3) HERO is SCORCHING? (1= Yuck, 5= Get the Fire Department)
Scorching doesn’t always need to be physically ‘godlike’ - I enjoy a complete package – someone that has the je ne sais quoi that the heroine needs. Give him depth – do not make him one dimensional and give him some emotional growth.

4) HEROINE wimp factor? (1=Hiding in the corner, 5= In your face)
Okay I don’t want a wall flower. Spunk, sass and a mind of her our please, giving her a few idiosyncrasies is fine by me; just don’t make her a quivering idiot.

5) Story or a cookie cutter? (1= Read before, 5= Original)
Didn’t I just read this story but the names were…? Be original – enough said.

6) Resolution or Confusion? (1=left scratching my head, 5=OMG! WOW!)
The conflict resolution of the story needs to be clear and answer the questions the story brings up. Above all it has to allow for the HEA to blow you away.

7) HEA (1= “There was a romance?”, 5= A box of Kleenex ending )
Romances need romance people. I read for my HEA unless I am pre-warned this is series beginning, I expect my Hero and Heroine to be together in end.

8) Where should I read this? (1=Train reading, 5=Stayed up all night)
Well, this is kind of self explanatory and really is contingent on the above factors.

9) Epilogue (bonus point)
Epilogues are like getting a box of truffles from Godiva for me.

Now you know what elements I look for when grading my books.