When you can't decide...

It's one of those days. You know a day when something is just hanging on the cusp of your mind wanting to be a full thought but not actually getting there. It has been driving me absolutely bonkers all day and as such I can't make up my mind on what book I want to read. I have tons (see TBR shelf to right) and I can't find anything that sparks me interest. I went through all my book blogs and just feel frustrated. Perhaps a re-read will be the answer... who knows?

I wonder what others do in this situation?


Walter said...

Your mind is so diverified that it is hard for me to believe that you can think of another book or series to read. May be Mom being there is stifling your using all your concentration on the matter. You may be able to ask Mom if she can recommenda book or series to read,
Your being at Barnes & Noble gave you opportunity to check out books.
You have a lot on your mind about possible things coming about in June which is obsorbing some of your thinking process.