One of my favorite authors & a new book!

Okay one of my favorite authors is Gena Showalter. I still remember stumbling across her book (Awaken me Darkly) in the Walden Bookstore that use to be in Rockefeller Center. I devoured it in one setting. It was one of those times when I put the book down and wondered, "Why didn't I know this author? Why hadn't I read any of her books before?" Okay it might have had to do with the sexy alien hero (Kyrinn) just a bit but truthfully I just loved the book.

So, thus began my quest to have all things Gena Showalter on my bookshelf and I can proudly say I do with the exception of her new book that hasn't been released yet Vampire's Bride (Layel's story in the Atlantis series). If you are interested pre-order it at amazon. I suggest that you pick it up and give it a try. Gena is pretty good about writing each book as story in itself. Of course by reading the prior ones in the series you will enhance your experience.

Check out Gena's book list.


Liane Gentry Skye said...

Gena is a must buy for me, too. She's such a nice lady, too. If you ever get to attend one of her signings, you'll just love her to pieces!

Thanks for stopping by our Writer's Gone Wild blog today. :D