Guardians Trilogy - Nora Roberts

I recently picked up the first and second book in the Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

Review Grade for Series so far : 3.5 Moons
(4 moons for Stars of Fortune and 3 moons for Bay of Sighs)

The stories were pure Nora Roberts.  It was the bringing together of the 6 people that will create the hero/heroine of the 3 books.   The characters each are bringing something to the table but one couple is clearly the leaders of the group.   The dynamics of the group is solid and enjoyable.  Like most of her books, I really enjoy the dynamics between the friends just as much as the couples.

The main issue I have with the series is the mythical plot line.  It seems rather cloudy.  The discovery of the stars seems rather rushed and come out of nowhere.   I would have liked a little bit more clarity on this but that may just be my preference.

Stars of Fortune had a solid couple and solid story for them - hence the 4 moons.
Bay of Sighs,  the couple in here seemed awkward and their story seems rushed and not to really finish - hence the 3 moons.

Overall,  the series is enjoyable and a quick read.  I eagerly await December for the last one - I am excited to see the story of the last remaining 2 people.  Their dynamics in the first two books has been building.

* My views.  My Opinions. *